Day 1

Day one is finally here. I spent all of last night into the wee hours of the morn’ thinking about how excited I was to get going. This is more of a lifestyle change and not just a lose weight, gain weight type of thing. I found some work out instructions on pinterest until I can go back to the gym. Every workout I do I will be posting every thing I do to get my results. These work outs are for any starter level. There are no excuses now of, “It’s too hard! I am not used to working out.” It has officially been 7 months since I have been working out so no complaints! Day 1 work out: 5 crunches, 5 leg raises (ea. Leg), 10 sec. Plank….5 lunge kicks (ea. Leg), 5 butt lifts, 5 crisscross (ea. Leg), 5 booty pushes (ea. Leg). These work outs start off at very low reps and will increase each day. I will include days of rest and also mix up my workout routines so my muscles get fresh workouts! With any lifestyle change you need to better all of you. This includes cutting out the temptations of junk food choices. Clean out all pantries and refrigerators of unhealthy food and drink so you are not tempted! I started cuttinf back on my sweet tea and drinking water. If you are like me you hate the taste of water right? Not to fear, add your favorite fresh fruit pieces to your water to naturally flavor your water…NO MIO OR CRYSTAL LITES!!!! They have chemicals and are not healthy!!! Happy first day and good luck to those of you takinf the challenge with me each day! ImageImage


Intro To My Mix


ImageEvery great story has some sort of intro as to what is going on. Who is the story about? What is the main point to the writing? This story is all about me and my journey through weight loss…take two. Jazmine here,  been through the ups and downs of weight loss before (I fell off the bandwagon). This is take two and I’m ready to be back in the game. I am officially married to my beat friend of over five years. We had a beautiful wedding on the beach in Charleston, SC. Now that we are all settled in to married life after wedding weight gain is setting in. It really started before my wedding when I thought, “Oh, I hit my target goal…why shouldn’t I eat what I want to.?!” BIG MISTAKE!!!! I am now at a record of 150lbs. and I am only 5’5″. This is frusturating and all my fault. End rant….onto the good part. I am ready to take action to reach my goal of a healthy size and attitude. Last time I set an actual weight goal…this time I am not doing that. It made me focus on the numbers rather than the actual progress I was making and it really was heartbreaking when those numbers were not met. I will set the goal of toned and muscular body parts! Iam ready to get this ball rolling!